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Victory for Toni Bou in Andorra


Toni Bou, the defending champion, has direct and treasures and six wins (the last five consecutive) and two second places this 2016. To be exact, the Repsol Honda leads with a total of 154 points; 17 more than his nearest rival and main challenger for the title, Adam Raga, who for the second consecutive GP has had to settle for second in two days.

In Trial2, former World Junior, the Spanish Arnau Farré remains the only one of us that keeps the guy with the legion of English, French and Italian that dominate that level. However, the leader of the new Gas Gas lacks regularity; something that, unfortunately, also suffer most participants in it. And they are capable of the best and the worst, affectionately speaking, in just 24 hours.

In the category reserved for 125cc bikes, we counted again with the help of Eric Miquel. The current second-ranked Junior Championship in Spain was third in both sessions. Just do something away from the two drivers here have shared victories: the British Jack Peace, the leader, who won Saturday, and the German Max Faude, winner today.