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Lessons for Enduro riders

Trial lessons, will make you a better motorcycle rider all together.

If you look at the major Enduro events like the Red Bull Hare scramble, you will see that most of the top riders have a trial background. 2016 Hare scrable winner Graham Jarvis for example gains enormous amounts of time at the trial sections. It is the trial sections where most Enduro riders struggle and lose a lot of time, if they make it through at all!

Our Trial lessons focus on various parts of riding trial or enduro bikes. It is important to apply the correct technique, concentration, balance and feel. Every enduro rider is different and our lessons are preferably 1:1 to ensure we can focus at everybody’s exact needs.

Roberto spotting during a Trial Lessons

A lot of enduro riders tell us, that they want to improve their technique or feel safer when they take their Enduro bike out. Most Enduro riders have at some point felt that they have to attempt certain hill climbs or other technical challenges just because they were in a group. The result is that Enduro riders often fall down or lose control over their enduro bike. These are the things we start to work on during our trial lessons.

It is much easier and quicker to improve your riding technique on a trial bike. It is a strange feeling at first, however that will quickly change and soon feel more comfortable as you feel safer being able to stop in ackward places and catching the bike when losing balance as it weights a lot less and has a lower point of gravity.

TopTrial trial lessons can be taken on your own bike or on one of our trial bikes. Please see our experience day and training package page for more details. We offer trial lessons for any level, some of our riders have no trial experience at all while others have been competing up to the European Trial Championship.