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School – Trial School is based on the Costa Del Sol, aimed at all trial and enduro enthusiasts at all levels. The Costa del Sol is the perfect place to practice your trial skills with great weather and terrain all year round.

Trial School by Trial School focus

  • riding style and technique
  • concentration technique
  • track and line technique
  • physical strength and nutrition

At our Trial School we believe that each rider is different and requires different coaching. Our trial lessons are limited to two students and we only match students of similar level to ensure maximum progress. Our trial school believes in quality lessons instead of quantity.

The Costa del Sol offers so many activities that your partner or children will not be bored during your stay. We recommend a long weekend to ride at least 2 mornings or afternoons. Should you come alone, you could mix it with an Enduro adventure or do something completely different which we are happy to propose depending on your interests.

Unless you have exact plans on which skills you would like to focus on, School starts by analysing your level and tries to find the areas we believe require the most work. Once analysed, School sets out which area the rider needs to work on the most. Although it depends on the level of the trial rider, we find that most riders benefit from a range of our focus areas.


Costa del Sol Trial School Founder

Trial school Founder and Head Coach, Roberto Weinberg was born in Germany, has lived in several different parts of the world and speaks four languages. Roberto’s trial riding experience dates back to 1977. Roberto has successfully competed on national level for many years. What makes Roberto different to many other coaches and schools is his ability to analyse trial riders weaknesses and use different methods of manipulating the trial student’s subconscious mind. student Keity Meier, has achieved excellent results in the 2015 Trial World Championship and has been named Rookie of the Year by the FIM.

Trial School Student on the costa del sol

Should you have any questions about our trial school please contact us on or call us on +34 656 930 627